In my heart, hunter.

One day my mother asked me, 'Do you want to go with me to Zimbabwe to hunt elephant?'

My mom was a stay-at-home mom before she became a big game hunter. She once said in a nationally broadcasted documentary that killing your first animal feels the same as giving birth to your first child.

In the society we live in today in Denmark, most of us live very comfortable, safe lives, and most people recognize the feeling of needing to shake things up in one way or another. It is the same for my mother. As a stay at home mother, she took care of my sister and I; always being a loving mother and wife. She has never been able to answer why that wasn't enough, and why the redemption lies in hunting big game. Her passion for hunting has let her redefine her identity, as nurturing mother, and connected her with the woman, she also is. I am interested in what makes my mother have a need to kill. I am interested in what kind of mechanism inside her that makes her put her finger on the trigger and pull. I am interested in what makes her compare the first kill with the first child birth and ultimately this comparison between giving and taking life. My film investigates all these questions and in the process, the relationship between my mother and I is deepened and exposed. It is about challenging boundaries and facing fears - both in front and behind the camera.